Why should you choose Blue Orange IT as your school’s Internet Service Provider?

There are many answers to this but, most importantly, it is because we are good at what we do. We deliver consistently fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity. Exa are the only Education focused ISP in the UK today; we do not have a home user division to split our focus; we simply focus on being the best that we can be, doing what we do, an Education focused Internet Service Provider.
We can now provide a full service right down to providing an engineer on site for the changeover day, providing peace of mind to your busy school.

Internet Connectivity

Our connectivity services cover the full range of options open in the UK today – from Broadband to multi gigabit leased lines. All of which can have our content filtering service, SurfProtect™, inclusive at no extra cost.

SurfProtect Content Filtering

SurfProtect™ is Exa´s own in-house developed, state of the art, content filtering system. Designed from the ground up specifically with the education and business communities in mind, meeting and surpassing LEA standards, SurfProtect™ is the future of content filtering today.

NEW! Surfprotect Quantum

Please see our Flyer www.exa.is/BlueOrange


Take full control over what pupils & staff view through a simple web interface

We offer a full range of services to schools. Our products include SurfProtect™ (our own LEA approved filtering system) and Pupil Mail (a safe email system for both pupils and teachers). We also provide uncontended ADSL connectivity, remote backups and the ability for staff to work from home.

As a genuine alternative to the now outdated models of the Regional Broadband Consortia, and most Grids for Learning, not only does Exa Networks and Blue ORange offer a better, faster and more reliable service, we can also save many schools a considerable amount of money every year.

Many schools are losing faith in their Local Authorities and are finding the confidence to look elsewhere for their services. At Blue Orange IT we have several ex Lancashire County Council staff providing both technical Services and honest advice. If we feel that a school would suffer by making the move to any of our services then we would advise accordingly.

Lancashire County Council currently bundle their broadband service. This bundle includes the following;

  • Website
  • Moodle
  • Espresso
  • Internet
  • Email

We have put provision in place to cover all of the above. Contact us for further information.

We would like to say that the school will have no disruption but, in reality, this isn’t always the case. A majority of schools are transferred across to our internet service with very minimal disruption and we try our best to carry out this changeover out of school hours. Occasionally there are some minor changes to the schools internal network needed which would need to be carried out during school hours at a time convenient to you. All our staff are available during this period to assist the school in any way or to simply offer advice where needed.

With savings of £1000 – £5000 a year, depending upon the size of your school, this is a change that should be seriously considered. Please feel free to contact me anytime on 01257 440245/07944 125993, and we can arrange to meet up for an informal chat with no obligation.