SurfProtect® is a flexible, real-time web content filtering system.

Designed to place control in the hands of the school, it provides users with the ability to completely customise the websites accessible on their internet connection.

SurfProtect® is a cloud based solution which filters the content accessed on your internet connection by intercepting the web page requests as they leave you network. Allowing you to filter to a level as specific as you require, it is possible to filter to a degree as granular as according to the individual user.

With an easy to use, web-based interface that allows instant reclassification of a site. SurfProtect® ensures that you will never be restricted by a filtering policy that doesn’t fit your needs.

As the internet has become an integral part of education, many teaching and learning resources are available online. It is therefore important that students and teachers are able to access these when needed and are not restricted by an inflexible filtering policy dictated by a third party.

SurfProtect® Cloud provides schools with the individual control needed to ensure that web-based learning resources are immediately accessible, whilst also protecting against the sites which could be unsuitable or disruptive for pupils to access.

For further information on our filtering system and Ofsted requirements please click on the link below.