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When logging a call using any method, please try to have following to hand, it just makes things a bit easier!

  1. Your Name
  2. The Schools District and School Number
  3. The best way to get hold of you, for example, phone or email and what time is best for you?
  4. The nature of the issue and what you’ve done to try and fix it yourself (if indeed you have done so!). Please try to include the following pieces of information if at all possible:
  • The username of the person with the problem
  • The computer name/s of the affected computer/s
  • Is anyone else having the same issue?

That’s it! We aim to resolve the issue on your next scheduled technical support visit, or if you have signed up to the Network Support Package, as soon as an engineer is available.

We use a web based help desk at which has loads of help for you there. You can look at old tickets and see what we did to fix it last time, using the form below looks at the help desk and you can search our knowledge base for self help articles.