Wireless Networks

Wireless networks connect computers to each other like a traditional network – and can connect them to the internet – via radio waves, without wires, using technology built into each user’s computer. The technology is also built into laptop and handheld computers. All the benefits of the connectivity that networks bring are available wherever the PC is used or installed, as long as it is within range of an access point.

In schools short of space, mobile computers take up much less room on desks when in use and can be packed away into storage trolleys with chargers built in.
For smaller schools, wireless networking can offer a cheaper, more rapidly installed way of giving increased access to ICT school-wide.
For larger schools, wireless extensions to existing wired networks can bring campus-wide coverage with the flexibility to provide temporary additional coverage in unusual areas.
We have a vast amount of experience installing the latest wireless technology for all sizes of schools. We are also fully experienced in providing the latest controller-less technology that provides full coverage at a reduction of the costs of more expensive controller based solutions.

Advantages offered by a Wireless Network in Education

Wi-Fi is being increasingly applied in education, for example, for digital learning devices, student management systems, guest access, etc. But what does a Wi-Fi network entail for the management, security and continuity of information in your school?

  • Access everywhere to the students management systems
  • Students and guests have easy and fast access using their own laptop, tablet PC or smart phone
  • Access for authorized users only
  • Scalable and future proof
  • Video conferencing

​School Network Installations​

School Network Installation is a service that Blue Orange IT specialises in. Our complete school network installation and school network cabling package offers a complete range in installation and data cabling for all types of academic establishments. Whether it’s a primary school, high school, university or academy; we can accommodate all requirements for data cabling. The complete school data cabling package offers a complete wiring solution from desktops to wiring centres with all connections tested and certified.​

Network Cabling For Schools

No matter what type cabling you require for your ICT suite or computer labs for your school or academies, our network cabling installation team can advise and install various different types of data cable. Our data cabling team can install

  • Cat5e Cable
  • Cat6 Cable
  • Cat7 Cable
  • Fibre Optic Cable

All cable and connections are fully tested to industry standards and certified. Our vast amount of knowledge and expertise in network cabling or structured cabling guarantees you the best in data cabling for your educational establishment. Our school network cable engineers are flexible in working with existing data cabling in your school or academy. If you require additional data cabling, wall sockets or installations of interactive whiteboards for a classroom or computer lab we can supply and install to meet your requirements.

Educational computer systems need to meet the demands of the users. At Blue Orange IT we can provide reliable systems using the latest technology. With an experienced installation team to carry out consultation for schools, reliable and consistent service of data cabling and upgrades, you can rely on us to provide a high quality but extremely competitive service. We can also arrange access to your school during evenings or weekends to avoid any un-necessary disruption to your teaching day.